The Darkening of Mirkwood

4th entry - Boulders Journal

The reason for my Mothers flight

Narvi and Garrick, having called a trace, had found it while searching the wagons, and while I had dug and Allydial had searched, Narvi had read and his father’s words had apparently not given him hope.

As the many years had passed, disturbing rumors had reached Boulders ears that a second were-wolf, likely corrupted by the same dark essence that had created the first, had started to prowl once more the corrupted woods of Mirkwood.

When he could no longer pretend that the shadow of that malicious beast had not returned to once again cast its dark essence across the land once more.

Boulder set off to toward woodland hall, in search of not of my mother, but of me. A reveal that I must admit shocked my heart briefly into stillness.

Finding instead my Mother, his old companion and the original killer of the wolf of Mirkwood, insisting on taking my place, the two of them gathered up what supplies they could, then headed off into those dark woods.

According to his Journal, Boulder and My mother can across the tracks of merchants cart that had apparently wandered off the old elf path, fallowing them, they caught up with the merchants and attempted to try and lead them either out of Milkwood, or back onto the safer rout laid down by the elves.

It was then that my mother realized that they were being stalked and given the sizes of the prints, he could be none other than the dreaded werewolf itself.

They tried to outpace it, to lose it in the confined or confusing woods, or at least make it back to the path, but this was where the dark essence of that lycanthrope had been born. And thus it could be lost or out maneuvered.

Boulder’s entries become more erratic after that, more filled with suspicion that some of the merchant dwarves traveling with them, where somehow in league with werewolf. His sporadic paranoid filled entries becoming more and more unreadable as they diverged into an unreadable scrawl.

The last understanding able bits merely detailing how he wished only to grab Albrina; my mother, and flee to something called the ruins of refuge.

Before his scribbles descended completely into madness, the last intelligible scrawl upon the final page simply stated………




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