The Darkening of Mirkwood

The Writings of Rufus North Took 2

Late 2949

Rufus North-TookAlso in the Year 2949, Rufus began writing a love story about a dwarf warrior who fell in love with an elf of Mirkwood. She was the captain of the guard and he was the son of a smith. At first, of course they hated each other and she threw him in prison. But he escaped and eventually saved her life. The two eventually have to work together for the good of both of their people against a great evil and their love blooms only to end with the dwarf dying in battle.
When first published, the story was well-received by hobbits. It was scoffed at as a completely unrealistic fantasy by dwarfs and elves alike. After all, a dwarf and elf could never fall in love. But secretly the story did find readers in both elf and dwarf culture. Eventually, during the War of the Ring, at the end of the Third Age the story was seen as one of the first building blocks that allowed the Armies of the North to join together and fight Dol Guldur.
Two ages later, a man named Jack Peterson would basically rip off the love story and place them in the blockbuster movies Dwarf Quest Pt. 2 and Dwarf Quest Pt. 3.



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