The Darkening of Mirkwood

The Writings of Rufus North Took 3


Rufus North-TookIn 2950, Rufus wrote what became a popular hobbit drinking song. It is a countdown song similar to the nursery rhyme, 10 in the Bed. The song tells the story of ten brave adventurers and one hobbit who happen across the path of a troll. The ten adventurers choose to fight and the hobbit decides to hide. The adventurers beat and cut and bash and crash the troll and he swings and misses and swings and misses and swings and SPLAT! Then there were nine adventurers. The song repeats counting down, eight adventurers, seven, six, etc. Eventually, the last adventurer dies and the troll lays down for a nap while the hobbit steals his treasure and the song ends.
This drinking song will become very popular in the Shire and will be sung with 10 small glasses of beer which are downed in succession and at the end the drinker will lay down like the troll.



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