The Darkening of Mirkwood

5th entry - The worst song every sung

Ulfric sings over the dead

Allydial told us that she knew what and where the Ruins of the Refuge where and that it was not far from where we now stood.

All of us instantly began preparing to leave, but then I saw Narvi standing once again beside the graves, a grave darkness seeming to have settled behind his eyes.

Narvi?” I asked approaching him from the side. “Is everything alright?”

“It’s not right that they should be left here,” He whispered almost inaudibly. “To rot inside this accursed forest.” He finished with all but the slightest of nods at the graves. “So far from their home and…”

He trailed off into silence and I feared that silence might consume him whole.

Narvi I’m sure…” I tried to say, but the words failed me and I just turned to look out over graves as he did.

Feeling the darkness spreading over my own eyes, I reached out for anything, for something to bring my Friend; if newly made, as well as myself, back from the brink.

And without thinking, I began to sing.

It was the only dwarfish song I knew and it wasn’t even in dwarfish and I without the aid of heavy drink, I feared I bungled the mess.

A fear Narvi confirmed an instant after I had finished, as he looked at him as if I had just sprouted gills.

“That was perhaps,” The young dwarf began. “The….worst performance of that song that I have ever had the displeasure to listen to.”

For instant my heart sank, but then I caught the glint of a smile spread crack its way across Narvi’s cheeks.

“Well it was the only one I knew.” I said feeling a similar smile growing.

“Well do me favor and never sing it again.” He said with a scoff and turning, moved to gather his things and join the rest of party. With me following not far behind.


GOD I suck at singing….also I’m hoping D.K. gives me some points in Singing for this… :)


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